Gallery & Studio

SHOWING AUGUST-December 2021

All art showcased will be for sale. 5% of all proceeds go to a scholarship for a Lancaster high school senior. Some Artists will have prints available for purchase. 


Jackee Pugh

Fine artist and designer, Jackee Pugh is a graduate of Columbus College of Art & Design, specializing in abstract art paintings created with alcohol ink. The fluid nature of the ink creates whimsical energy and movement, through the blending and layering of bold colors. The combination of simple, overlapping shapes come together to result in vibrant and playful creations. These paintings celebrate a natural curiosity and create a sense of wonder, leaving each viewer with their own different interpretation of the artwork.

Victoria McCollum (Lost Petal Pottery)

Torie McCollum is a ceramic artist whose work focuses on using illustration and unique applications of glazing techniques to create functional art. She creates her own glazes from scratch, giving them unique & personal colors & textures. She works in both hand-built and wheel-thrown techniques to create pieces. The central theme of her work is using both pattern & color to create aesthetic harmony. Currently, she works out of her home studio in Circleville, Ohio, and sells her work via her business, Lost Petal Pottery.

Jeremy Hedges_Artist.png

Jeremy Hedges

Jeremy is a Lancaster, Ohio-based artist and teacher since 2007.  He has been showing work publicly since 2003.  Born and raised in Ohio throughout the 1980s and 90’s his work is influenced by the imagery of his adolescence.  Jeremy’s breadth of work, originally coined as “An assemblage of my wasted adolescence,” is meant to illustrate the pop culture topics and environment which still define who he is today. He has featured work throughout Kentucky, South Carolina, and Ohio.

You can find more of Jeremy’s work through his social media @IOHIOSC

Janelle Hallett

Janelle is a fiber artist based in Gahanna, Ohio. Her artwork is focused on weaving and textiles as well as jewelry design. At the age of 8, her grandmother taught her how to knit and she has been playing with yarn ever since. Her work is influenced by nature, colors, the property of the fibers, and the creative artistic flow. Follow Janelle on Instagram @soundandsoft.